Users can earn cryptocurrencies through their Smartphone

By Moris Beracha.-

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Many people who are not familiar with the technology and the world of cryptocurrencies can believe it is very expensive to acquire a token; however, mechanisms such as mobile mining can help you obtain benefits through smartphones.

Users of computers with Android operating systems can download mining applications from their store called Google Play, which simply work with leaving the mobile device on and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Some of these apps, which are usually free, can fulfill their function perfectly, being able to mine cryptocurrencies from a cell phone, but it is very important to verify very well who is the programmer of the app that will be installed, since many scammers are infecting with malwares, some of these programs and the economic benefits can shift to another side.

For iPhone and iPad users, unfortunately there is bad news, because there are virtually no applications that help exploit cryptocurrencies since May 2018.

Failing that, there are some “mining games” available in the Apple App Store, but they are paid and are not at the same level as Android apps.

Some of the most used cryptocurrency mining apps to mine cryptocurrencies from mobile devices with Android are:

-DroidMiner BTC / LTC / DOGE Miner can exploit all cryptocurrencies that use SHA-256 or Scrypt. The download cost is only $ 0.99 and has more than 10,000 installations. However, the reviews are not so good. The average rating is around 3.0 stars. According to the reviews, miners can only expect to reach around 1 megahash with a high-end device (ie, a tablet).

–Electroneum is the first project conceived to launch its own mobile mining application and an option with an average rating of around 3.8 stars. This app can be downloaded for free and has more than 500,000 installations. The mobile app does not really confirm new blocks in the blockchain; instead, users practically do it through the application.

Finally, it is important to mention that if you install any of these apps it is under your own responsibility and it is best to investigate the different options available, taking into account tutorials, reviews and the results that have been obtained with the applications.

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